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Small Batch LLC is owned by Lauretta Reiss who has had a passion for design and cooking since she was a child. Lauretta started the business in 2014 after spending many years as a shoe designer and retail store owner. The creation of Small Batch was a life-long dream for Lauretta who grew up with a Filipino mom who was an artist and fabulous cook. Lauretta brings a European flavor to her creations and surroundings -- an extension of her travels to Europe and the Orient. 

Lauretta owns Small Batch at the Cupola Restaurant with Scott Reiss. They have collaborated on many creative projects together over the years. Scott brings to The Cupola extensive restaurant ownership and management experience as a previous restaurant owner in Birmingham, Michigan.  

Small Batch Cupola Restaurant  231-242-4686

Small Batch Bakery & Catering   231-242-4655